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Website for Achievement competition.
Coded in Rails.
Just Cause II
Technical Animator.
Animated short: "WizKid"

A kid playing with magic which always seems to backfire.
Episode 1: "Don't let magic get to your head" is recently completed.
New showreel (version 2007.5)
Updated (2007-05-29):    
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Music video: FFTL - The Latest Plague
Made som graphics for a video by the group From First To Last. The video was titled The Latest Plague. What I did was the 3d in the carscenes, and some props and minor work in a few other scenes. I also did the rendermonkey job for almost all 3d scenes.

Realtime engine analysis
Analyzing game engines from an artist point of view, and optimizing and improving the content creation pipeline for an upcoming production.

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Realtime demo: Shades of Divinity
Interactive realtime demo utilizing the ps3.0 technology.

Click the thumbnail to visist 'sod's own homepage, where you can find a video capture, the executables themself, and some info about the project.

Showreel 03/04
A compilation of the things I did in school from august'03 to may'04.

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Animated short: Uncharted Disorder
A tragic story about a lonely child.
Competed and came 1st at the Remedy2003 wild competition.

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Animated short: The bulb
This is the story of the wondrous journeys of a lightbulb.
Competed and came 1st at the Remedy2002 wild competition.

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Mostly-Animated short: Without you
All robots need love.

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Semi-animated short: Release you
A poor guy (me actually) gets stuck in his computer - only the power of jolt can help him
Competed and came 1st at the Remedy2001 wild competition.

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