Creation of a content creation pipeline

Oskar Holmstrand Bachelor thesis

The assignment
My bachelor thesis was to analyze game engines from an artist point of view, then define and optimize the content creation pipeline for creating a mod for that engine. I did my work at dataductus, in close cooperation with a programmer (Fredrik Mäkeläinen).

The game
The whole thing would be used for an upcoming production called Foreign Ground, a joint production between Dataductus games, LTU and FHS. The game is a first-person thinker game, confronting the player with character interaction scenarios revolving around international crisis areas.

The thesis
Oskar-Bachelor-Thesis v.1.0.pdf
Appendix C - Directory Structure ForeignGround.pdf
Appendix D - Static meshes workflow ut2004.pdf
Appendix E - animated_meshes_workflow.pdf
presentation.ppt (in swedish)